THE CADRE – What Remains

Performance is ephemeral and can never be reconstituted. But is our aim to leave
markers that coalesce the ongoingness of the Weyburn facility and this current
artistic intervention. Typically, site-specific work is developed in three steps:

1. research and investigation; assembling the resources
2. on-site development and rehearsal leading to performance
3. documentation of work in diverse ways including publication

The documentation of this project will include but not be limited to the following:

1. a video that will focus on the project in development and geared for national distribution

2. a published textual and graphic reenactment of the process and the performance.

Directors Statement:

The hospital at Weyburn is a metaphor, a physical sign system that encompasses and encapsulates the dream of a universal public health care. What I want to develop here is the semiotic construction of this system through the structure and practices found in the building.