The Weyburn Project

The Archaeology of Silence and the Discourse of Madness


The goal of the Weyburn Project is to devise a site-specific performance using the building founded as The Weyburn Mental Hospital in 1921 as the site. The performance will be a multi-faceted exploration of the past life of this monolithic structure on the prairies, and the rise and decline in the need for institutional care of the mentally ill. The Weyburn Project will use non-functioning areas of the hospital, the "found space", as the starting point for a devised work. Site-specific performance offers an innovative approach for exploring a space with its rich historical and contemporary detail; it reveals a complex overlay of narratives and experiences by combining memory, myth and dream embedded in the "host" building. Here the building itself draws focus and provides an archeological or forensic site of investigation for actors and spectators alike.

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