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recent, current and upcoming...

Current and upcoming:
Armenian artist Mkrtich Tonoyan 'in residence' in Regina, Oct - Nov 2013
Attending UAAC conference, Banff, Alberta Oct 18 - 20, 2013
Urban Encounters Colloquium, Halifax, Canada Oct 9 - 13 2013
TransWhat? symposium, Transart Fest, Supermakt Gallery, Berlin, July 2013
Participating artist in "We Have a Situation!" Graz, Austria, May 17 - 22, 2013. Read the BLOG

Some other recent things:

Mallorca Translocal Meeting, Mallorca, Spain. April 2013. Launch of the NEIGHBOURS NEWSPAPER
Magician: "
Journey to the West", a planatery fairytale project by Roy Ascott for the Shanghai Biennale.
Gyumri Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Gyumri, Armenia, Sept 2012
Workshop at Jagiellonian University, Krakow Poland, July 2012
Transart Berlin: July/Aug 2012
Samkura Forum at Clo artist-run centre in Donegal Ireland, May/June 2012

Feature project!
QR Code Project - Parallel Worlds, Intersecting Moments
a collaborative work with Professor Judy Anderson for the CRITICAL FACULTIIES exhibition at the First Nations University of Canada Gallery. March/April 2012.
She has taught me how to do traditional beading and we are making large beaded QR codes. The codes link to short videos of
conversations between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people about expereinces with technology.
The conversations happen across two mobile devices.