Qu'Appelle Valley Field Trip

$60/person, including lunch (minimum of 30 people)
Friday June 4 08:00 - 13:30
Guides: Kyle Hodder, Emily Eaton
Meet at the bus stop in front of the Riddell Centre at 07:55

The Qu'Appelle valley derives its name from the Cree name Katepwe-Cipi meaning the calling river, and is the site of a former glacial spillway. This field excursion explores the human and physical geographies of the Qu'Appelle valley. Themes in the human geography of the region include the signing of Treaty Four in Fort Qu'Appelle in 1874 through which 13 first nations agreed to share usufruct rights with newcomers to the region; Saskatchewan's first tuberculosis sanatorium in 1917; and the legacy of the first residential school in Western Canada. Themes in human geography are situated within the context of the physical environment, exploration of which will include tours of the flutes, kettles and moraines associated with continental glaciation; extensive erosion by glacial meltwaters to carve the Qu'Appelle spillway; the loss of native prairie grassland; vegetation that includes cactus, shortgrass prairie and forest; and the ongoing role of mass wasting in reshaping the valley.