Higher education must 'practice what is preaches' and make sustainability an integral part of operations, purchasing and investments, and tie these efforts to the formal curriculum

-Anthony D. Cortese, “Education for Sustainability: The University as a Model of Sustainability"

What is the University of Regina saying?

According to its motto, “As One Who Serves”, the University of Regina is committed to its societal responsibilities through building the capacity for social, cultural and economic development.

The U of R's Centre for Sustainable Communities aims to support campus sustainability research and projects that ensure future needs are met in sustainable ways, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the environment.

What is the University of Regina doing?

Several individuals, groups, and initiatives are acting to raise the discussion and action surrounding sustainability on campus. This website showcases the sustainability efforts made by students, faculty and staff, in academics, research, and physical operations at the U of R campus. Follow the links to learn more.

For the August 2004 report on which this website is based:

On the Way to Sustaining a Sustainable Campus: A Compilation of Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Regina




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