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Community Outreach

Many U of R staff truly reflect the U of R's motto "as one who serves" in their commitments to the community and more broadly, sustainability. The following are some members of the Sustainable Campus Advisory Group and serve only as examples as there are far too many excellent U of R candidates to mention:

Ali Sammel from the Faculty of Education and Mary Vetter from Luther College host a weekly Community Radio show entitled "Open Spaces" that focuses on environmental and social justice issues
Roger Petry of Luther College sits on several community boards/ committees includes: United Way of Regina's Community Building Committee, Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry, the Council on Social Development in Regina, and he is the chair of the Regina Urban Environmental Advisory Committee
Lyle Benko of the Faculty of Education is helping initiate the development of a nature interpretive centre for Regina’s Wascana Marsh through the Friends of Wascana Marsh project, which he co-chairs; he is a key member of Climate Change Education Saskatchewan, a local initiative whose purpose is to educate Saskatchewan people about the science and action opportunities pertaining to climate change; and he was a contributor to the Harmony Foundation’s Environmental Education Needs in Saskatchewan, Environment Canada’s Framework for Environmental Learning and Sustainability in Canada and the City of Regina’s Green Ribbon Advisory Committee’s Climate Change’s Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Action Plan
Dan Beveridge of the Faculty of Education was the principal researcher for the Harmony Foundation’s Environmental Needs in Saskatchewan. He is heavily involved with Climate Change Education Saskatchewan, as well as several other local sustainability initiatives.
Members of the Faculty of Arts have organized a free research service for people in the community
Members of the Faculty of Arts host and deliver bi-weekly talks in a series called “Coffee House Controversies”, which cover current and controversial topics, most relating to elements of sustainability (e.g. health, climate change, social capital, and more). Taking place at a coffee shop, the informal talks are open to the public and participation from the audience is encouraged.



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