Joseph M. Piwowar

Research Interests


Establishing an Environmental Normal for the Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie

          An Environmental Normal of Vegetation Vigour for the Northern Great Plains

20 Metre Biophysical Variability within the Northern Mixedgrass Prairie

Establishing a Baseline of Recent Grassland Variability along the Saskatchewan – Montana Border

Assessing Annual Forest Ecological Change in Western Canada Using Temporal Mixture Analysis of Regional Scale AVHRR Imagery Over a 14 Year Period

The Derivation of Snow-Cover "Normals" Over the Canadian Prairies from Passive Microwave Satellite Imagery

  • Snow Cover Normals for March 1
  • Current snow cover over the Canadian Prairies
  • Global Change

    Climate Change:  Science, Impacts, & Adaptations

    Is the Global Climate Really Changing?  The View from Space (PowerPoint)

    Hypertemporal Remote Sensing for Global Environmental Monitoring

    A Summary of Some Results


    Hypertemporal Image Analysis Techniques

    Crime Mapping


  • Leaf Area Index Calibration of RapidEye Satellite Imgery (Presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Prairie Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers, North Battleford SK, September 25, 2010)
  • Arctic Sea Ice and the Summer of 1998
  • Aerial Imaging from a Tethered Balloon
  • An Accuracy Assessment of a Digital Elevation Model Derived From an Airborne Profiling Laser
  • Some thoughts on Archive Data Centre Design

    Some Recent Publications

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