About Me
My research is centered around two hubs: Media provision and Software Engineering.
Media provision is developing a system to deliver and control media to people. I use mobile agents for this. The latest development is a remote control that allows me to pause TV in one room and restart it in another room.
Software Engineering is about applying engineering principles to software development. After coming up with a measure of the degree of agility for a software process, I am now trying to develop flexible documentation to automate engineering and reengineering of software.
I work with many students to develop special projects. They include video games, audio indexing, integrated audio-based positioning. health and wellness indicators, and software agents for situational awareness.
Who? Luigi Benedicenti
What?  Associate Dean and
              Program Chair
Where? Faculty of
Status: Happily Married
    what I do
Industry: Education
Occupation: Professor
School: University of Regina
Location: Regina, SK
New Reading: I am reading a lot about my new MacBook Pro - especially from the development / system maintenance point of view.
Movies: I love Science Fiction, and I look forward to the next Star Trek movie...
Videogames: Shredding in Guitar Hero II and getting kudos in PGR3, at least until Mass Effect comes out. Yes, I own an XBOX 360!
Phone: 306-585-4701
Fax: 306-585-4855
E-Mail: luigi.benedicenti <at>
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